Create content that benefit others, not you.

My wife pointed out that I focus too much on money. Things like how much I would make, how much to charge for each customer, how much is the customers life time value and others.

I forget that the main reason I came up with any business ventures (the latest is is to help people.

Whenever I put money above anything else, then everything falls apart.

Instead, I should go back to basic – genuinely help people, instead of trying to market all the time.

Here are seven things to think about when ..:

  1. Online audiences want relevant, valuable knowledge.
  2. Create something that can genuinely benefit the community, not only for marketing yourself.
  3. Share your expert, unique, specialty  knowledge to genuinely help others.
  4. The key to being a valuable participant is knowing what you have to offer, why it sets you apart, and how to get it out properly.
  5. Know how the element of surprise can attract attention like a moving graphic, interesting color scheme, or dash of humor in a forum post.
  6. Identify why each method would benefit you, and ask yourself if it’s relevant to your niche. Know what you are good at.
  7. Start a real conversation. Before any post or comment, ask yourself if you are just adding your two-cents or actually participating and driving a conversation.

Lesson: The bottom line is stop being selfish. Deliver genuine content to contribute, not to benefit. Then only they’ll see you as an authority.



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