Teetarik – a uniquely Malaysian styled tshirts

We are creating something truly Malaysian.

Malaysians are awesome people. We should highlight our awesomeness as Malaysians. Forget Malaysia Boleh, Boleh Blah or anything for that matter.

Let’s start something meaningful. Something more profound.

Here’s our idea.

We are creating a website called Teetarik.com.

It’s a  crowdsourcing website for local designers to market their awesomely Malaysian-themed t-shirts.

Why tee tarik? Because it sounds like teh tarik and tertarik.

Ask any Malaysians, teh tarik connects us. Teh tarik is truly Malaysian. We can’t go anywhere without ever thinking of drinking our creamy, caramel-color teh tarik.

Tertarik means attracted. If something looks nice, surely you’d be interested.

Here’s how it’s gonna work.

You submit design. We (including you) market your designs on social media.

People vote for your designs on social media.

If it hits the target goal (say 100 t-shirts), we print your t-shirt design. Design must not be more that 5 colors. We own your designs.

We handle logistics, t-shirt printing and local shipping. We use high-grade t-shirts that will not shrink or fade from a single wash. We use soy ink base that last for at least a year.

You earn royalty (say 20% of total sales). You just sit back and relax and be proud of each Malaysian proudly wearing your designed t-shirts.

Payment made through Paypal.

Everything will be made locally from A to Z, if possible.

If you have any designs, let us know and you might get rewarded.

What we’ll not print:

  1. Offensive materials.
  2. Racially or politically motivated.
  3. Negativity.

Things to think about:

  1. Googled for teetarik. Found this: https://www.facebook.com/public/Tee-Tarik
  2. Do people want it? Is it a desire?
  3. How much are they will to pay?
  4. Is it worth the effort?

Potential ideas:

Food: #keropok lekor #tehtarik #kopikaw #cendolpulut #meekari #meegorengmamak

Places: #bangsar #hartamas #kopitiam

Phrases: #poyo #khat #karaoke #kasihkuragbi #kepalaragbi

Events: #flashflood #banjir

Icons: #kesatriabajahitam #gaban #ultraman #bungaraya #harimaumalaya #polong #sinchan #uptown

Ideas: Sell locally malaysian made tshirt on kickstarter-like style.




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