How To Create Continuity Income From Online Business

How to create your continuity income, a class by Ryan Lee.

Creating offer

  1. People come for content. People stay for community.
  2. Create connection with members by creating membership contents.
  3. Create at least $50/mo. membership.
  4. Think about course delivery.
  5. Think about customer acquisition cost.
  6. Can you get them to pay monthly?
  7. Sequence
    • Main offer $50/mo. If no, then downsell.
    • Downsell option 1: Add stuff like bonus products, live webinar, coaching
    • Downsell option 2: Don’t want monthly commitment. One time $99 lifetime access.
    • Downsell option 3: Lite version. Still offer community, interactions and follow ups with other members, but offer one or two main things. Put on seperate email list. Offer at lower price, say $10/mo.
  8. After webinar, take them directly to checkout page. Ask question with YES answer.


Coming up with great hook

  1. Do not give out the answer. ¬†You’ll likely to put the off. Keep them intrigue.
  2. Don’t give out too much info.
  3. Focus on getting the results. Ask them to sign up to get the answer, but typically you’ll get more refunds.
  4. Focus on benefit. “5 Ways to loose weight”
  5. Give alternatives to the solutions. What is your ultimate solution?
  6. Show them what to do. Don’t make them do on their own.


Coming up with sales page

  1. Create on good opt-in page.
  2. Then get paid advertising.
  3. Don’t do page boost. No value. Use paid advertising instead.
  4. Video sales letter.
    1. Don’t put too much word or don’t do word only copy
  5. Make it easy
  6. Sell only one idea.

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